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Forthcoming events

SCENAR Summer Holiday 2010

2nd - 6th July 2010
Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Invitation for the event (PDF)

Professional Biography

Dr Marieta Jeleva - SCENAR therapist and trainer

Dr Marieta Jeleva is a graduated physician with specialty in dermatology, venerology and medical cosmetology. She has a 25 years’ lecturing practice as an assistant professor in Medical University of Plovdiv. As a skilled acupuncture therapist with many years' practical experience she has been Head of the Department of X-Ray and laser-therapy at the University hospital in Plovdiv.

On 10 December 1999 Dr Jeleva became owner of the first SCENAR Device in Bulgaria. Since than she has been six times in Russia and Ukraine for training in the biggest SCENAR Therapy centers, where specialists from all over the world are trained. She has passed all levels of training with the most distinguished trainers – Prof. A. Revenko, Dr. J. Semikatov, Prof. Al. Tarakanov, Dr. G. Subbotina, S. Moiseev, Y. Starovoitov, N. Loyko, I. Kossovskaya and is a Master SCENAR therapist.

Dr Jeleva is founder of the first SCENAR Center in Bulgaria. She is the first SCENAR trainer in Bulgaria and has trained more than 170 therapists during the last 10 years.

Dr Jeleva has been a guest trainer in Ireland, Switzerland and UK. Since July 2007 she conducts regular training for SCENAR therapists in London, UK.

Dr Jeleva is approved international SCENAR trainer.

As a trainer Dr Jeleva uses varied and entertaining approaches and a modern training method, which is strictly practical. The students are involved directly in the therapeutic practice of the trainer and work on real patients with different complaints. Her students have enough practice and self-confidence to start working as therapists immediately after finishing their training.

Dr Jeleva has invented an unique treatment approach – SCENAR interpretation of different holistic methods (Su-Jok Therapy, Auriculotherapy, Craniotherapy, Hara diagnostics and therapy) in combination with Energy Psychology.

Dr Jeleva is initiator and organizer of the International SCENAR Summer Holidays at the Black Sea, which have already become a tradition.

SCENAR trainingSCENAR trainingSCENAR training

SCENAR Summer Holidays

15th – 21st June 2009, Sunny Beach
22nd – 26th June 2008, Sunny Beach
8th – 11th June 2006, Varna

Presentations of Dr. Jeleva on International SCENAR events

24th – 29th August 2008, Rigi, Switzerland
"Top on the Top" – Meeting 2008
Dr. Marieta Jeleva was personally invited by Prof. Revenko to present on the following topics:

27th - 29th April 2007, Cork, Ireland
"SCENAR Therapy in Acute Musculo-Skeletal Disorders"
SCENAR training event of SPSI and ISTA

18th - 19th March 2006, Cork, Ireland
"Planning and Conducting a SCENAR Therapy Course"
SCENAR training event of SPSI and ISTA

26th - 27th November 2005, London, UK
"Su-Jok in SCENAR Therapy"
ISTA's SCENAR Envoy Training Course, "Basic Level Trainer Training"

September 2004, Odessa, Ukraine
"SCENAR Therаpy in Patients with Fractura Radii in Loco Tipico"
11th International Conference on SCENAR Therapy and SCENAR Expertise

September 2004, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
"SCENAR Therаpy in Patients with Fractura Radii in Loco Tipico"
International Symposium 'SCENAR therapy of acute musculo-skeletal disorders

September 2003, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
"SCENAR Interpretation of the Ancient 'Blossom' Healing Method"
10th International SCENAR Conference

June 2000, Betta, Russia
"Problems of the Beginner SCENAR Practitioner" International Conference on SCENAR Therapy and SCENAR Expertise

Specialization of Dr. Jeleva in Energy Medicine

Training in Energy Psychology – 3rd level
22nd – 24th October 2009, Sofia, Bulgaria

NES Europe Training
17th - 18th July 2009, Netherlands

SCENAR Therapy in Pain
Training Seminar of Prof. A. Revenko
9th - 10th December 2008, London, UK

Training in Energy Psychology and Psychotherapy – 1st and 2nd level
19th – 24th August 2009, Sofia, Bulgaria

Course on Su-Jok and Auriculotherapy
3rd – 5th September 2007, Pomorie, Bulgaria

Course on Su-Jok and Twist therapy
November 2006, Sofia
Prof. Park Jae Woo, South Korea

ISTA’s SCENAR Envoy Training Course "Basic Level Trainer Training"
26th - 27th November 2005, London
Irina Kossovskaya's course for trainers

11th International conference on SCENAR therapy and SCENAR expertise
17th – 24th September 2004, Odessa, Ukraine

Specialized training course
"Managing the response reactions of the organism in SCENAR therapy"
10th – 11th September 2004, Plovdiv, Bulgaria with Dr. Alexander Revenko, Russia

International SCENAR symposium
"SCENAR therapy of musculo-skeletal disorders"
7 - 10 September 2004, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Course on SCENAR therapy and SCENAR expertise - level II
11 - 14 March 2004, Plovdiv, Bulgaria; Josef Semikatov, Russia

Regional conference on SCENAR therapy
November 2003, Yekaterinburg, Russia

10th international SCENAR conference
3 - 6 September 2003, Sunny beach, Bulgaria

Conference of the Ukrainian SCENAR therapists
July 2002, Odessa, Ukraine

International conference on SCENAR therapy and CSENAR expertise
June 2001, Betta, Russia

Conference of the Ukrainian SCENAR therapists
September 2000, Odessa, Ukraine

International conference on SCENAR therapy and SCENAR expertise
May 2000, Betta, Russia

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